Digital Car Tire Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Meter Manometer Barometers Tester



Test tire pressure value quickly

LCD display, easy to read

Automatically save current data for later reading


Technology Features

Test range: 0-100 PSI

Accuracy: +/-1.5PSI

Resolution: 0.5PSI

Units: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm2



General Description

Press ON key to turn on the gauge. Last test result is shown automatically.

Press ON key to select needed unit: PSI -BAR-KPA-Kg/cm2

Place gauge’s nozzle onto tire valve. Press tightly, make sure no hissing sound can be heard.

Test for 3 seconds, move away the gauge. Read the result.

15 seconds later, LCD shows zero. Ready for another test.

If gauge is not operated for 60 seconds, it will power off automatically. Or press ON key for 3 seconds to turn off the gauge.


Power supply: one 3V CR2032 battery

Product size: 143*45*23mm

Product weight: about 41g

Standard accessories: meter (without battery), manual


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